Buddleia globosa ‘Cally Orange’. Large heads of honey scented orange flowers very freely produced, from seed collected in Chile.

Mitraria coccinea ‘Lake Carburgua’. Darker, larger orange flowers than other varieties, free flowering, collected in Chile.

Oxalis semiloba. Umbels of glowing pink flowers, collected din Lesotho.

Begonia keniensis. The flowers are large and pure white, from the Rwenzori Mountains on the Uganda/Congo border.

Sambucus nigra ‘Ardwall’. A golden elder found locally on Ardwall Island; Rodgersia ‘Cally Hybrids’ in full flower behind.

Anemone fanninii. Remarkable cream flowers 4’’ across and large pleated leaves, from S.Africa and Lesotho.

Sanguisorba magnifica. Drooping pink spike over grey green leaves, found growing in cracks in limestone cliffs near Vladivostok in The Russian Far East.

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Illustrations by Clare Melinsky. Photographs by Michael Wickenden

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